The UnorthodX here.  OK so, I was going to make this one of those crummy “about me” pages, that gives you the run down on who I am, what I do etc.   Fuck that!  This page is suppose to be UNORTHODOX (with out the final O).  Why would I make this like everyone else?…BORING!!  I figured the best way to learn about me is to get to know me. 

I started Be UnorthodX because I REALLY want to help people. I’ve been in digital marketing for over 10 years, and I just hate working for these huge companies that care way more about their bottom line than the client.   It drives me NUTS!   Instead of of staying on the hamster wheel of ad pushing, I decided to jump off and create my own little corner that actually helps business owners, influencers, bloggers, or just people that want to know more about improving the overall perception of their company.   

The focus here will be digital branding and marketing.  Today, there are apps for shaving, cats with twitter accounts, videos on virtually everything you can imagine. The digital world can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Do you want to create something specifically for your brand, that is unique, relevant and functional – without any of the stuff you don’t need?  You’re in the right place.  

It used to be enough for companies to buy a cheap website, sprinkle in a few keywords, reference it in their ads and call it good. Business owners heard about digital marketing but weren’t necessarily convinced that they needed it—or that it even worked. Well, marketing has changed more in the past ten years than it has in the past 100—launching us out of the age of TV spots and print ads into the age of virtual reality, cord cutting, apps, social media, and Google.

I’m a bit of a unorthodx myself, with that said, there will not be a lot organization, or structure, its literally going to be a fire hose of information I have swirling around in my noggin coming right to you. 

 Remember, We are currently starting our online dating conversation like on  Let’s take some time and really get an understanding about each other.    So hold on and enjoy the ride! 

If you are one of those stalker types You can see my credentials here.

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Courtney Miller MBA, MS
Digital Marketing Strategist