Email Marketing Overview


Email marketing enables your clients to send customized messages to a defined target audience with the purpose of growing new customers, promoting events, extending special offers, and generating awareness of their products and services.
We require 7 business days to build an email marketing campaign once the order form, content, and graphics are attached to the ticket.

  • Days 1-3 – Mock-up created by designer and sent to the station for client approval
  • Days 4-6 – Testing and corrections made as necessary
  • Day  7 – Final client approval and schedule for deployment

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Value Proposition

  • A large advertising format suitable for telling a complex story
  • Multiple links and full granular reporting with each email delivery
  • 200 Million plus email database with an extensive verification and opt-in process that is appended monthly to provide industry-leading clean data



Choose from the three options below for how your email marketing campaign will be built.


Insertion Order Forms

Download Insertion Order Forms

Ticket + Production Links

View Ticket Links

View Production Links

Internal Documents

Download Internal Documents

Once you have all the elements required for your campaign, please submit a ticket here.

Order Solution


  • Target your core consumer base by Geo, gender, age, ethnicity, house hold income, net worth, credit score, hobbies, interests, and behaviors.
  • Our database is up-to-date with only active users in the market for your business for 30-60 days.
  • We eliminate existing consumers subscribed to your e-mail list, delivering new and unique users.
  • Sinclair sends “white label” e-mails, ensuring correspondence originates from your company, not ours
  • We create responsive HTML e-mail designs, allowing your campaign to operate on mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.
  • With our powerful and direct social media integration, Sinclair helps you inspire new consumers to “share”, “like”, “follow” and send this campaign to others for greater audience impact.
  • Create stronger lead generation and win more interested and loyal consumers.
  • Depend on accurate measurable with detailed reporting 7 days after deployment.


  • Depending on your clients preferences, you will require between 2 and 4 images for this product.
  • All colors can be adapted to your clients’ branding needs. Sinclair suggests using a color that is brand-specific to each client. Best practices suggestion is when in doubt, choose white to keep presentations simple and clean.
  • Check your chosen design template for the amount of text needed from your client. Propose several interesting subject lines to help entice consumers to engage with this product.
  • Keep your layout, text and images consistent with templates. For assistance customizing a design for your client, contact your Sinclair marketing consultant.
  • Assemble all necessary links, including social links and sites. This will help streamline the process and help launch products quickly.
  • Launch successfully by planning effectively: submit requests as soon as possible.

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